Lake of the Woods Centre for the Arts Charitable Organization is comprised of members of the Community Auditorium and Convention Centre Committee, the board of the Lake of the Woods Arts Collective and the board of the Kenora Community Arts and Heritage Project. Over the past two years, the group worked together to determine the needs and assess the viability of building/refurbishing a community space where all disciplines of art may be experienced, showcased and studied. Our first AGM was held June 14, 2010 where we elected our first board of directors.

The Current Board of Directors:

One-year remaining in term:

Angela Gibson, Patrick Lessard, Mike O’Flaherty

Two-years remaining in term:

Terry Hawkins, Irene McCuaig, Deb Wray

Three-years remaining in term:

David Caissy, Dean Carrie, Mike LeMaistre


The Board elected the following officers:

President: Irene McCuaig

Vice-president: Terry Hawkins

Secretary: Patrick Lessard

Treasurer: Dean Carrie

The Board took part in a Strategic Planning session on August 26-27, 2010, led by Natasha L. Markham and Lisa L. Moncrief of Regional Services Branch, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, which resulted in the development of specific action plans with timelines toward creating a successful organization, developing a business plan, forming strategic collaborations, achieving consensus on facility requirements, sourcing and securing funds, and informing and gaining the support of the community.

Our mission statement: LOWCA, building a centre for the arts, through community support, for the benefit of area residents and visitors.


When we hear the term The Banff Centre it automatically brings to mind a wonderful setting where creativity is unleashed. A place where thousands of people in all areas of arts and culture from all over the world gather. We also have a wonderful setting and hope that some day the term The Lake of The Woods Centre will have the same meaning.

It has to start somewhere in some small way. Today is good day to start. We believe that with your support we can make it happen. It is important for our future and the future of our children that the industry of culture is not ignored but rather embraced. This industry will have a positive impact on our economy and the quality of our life. (did you know that in the course of one year approximately 84,000 people attend events at the Banff Centre). It is our dream that a similar facility will soon serve the Kenora community.


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